Season 7,

7.38 – Eric Harrison – Thrive Bootstrapped

November 26, 2023

What happens when a university student transitions into entrepreneurship right after graduation? We’ve got the right person to talk about this – our guest Eric Harrison, founder of Thrive: Bootstrapped. Join us as he shares his challenges, the mentorship gap he aims to bridge for bootstrap founders, and the valuable insights he’s gathered along the way. 

Eric is a passionate advocate for startups and small businesses. When he started his first company at just 20 years old, he faced the uphill battle of navigating the business world with little experience. Despite early setbacks and the eventual scaling of his business, Eric’s determination and thirst for knowledge led him to work closely with a small startup, helping it achieve over $1 million in revenue. 

Today, he’s on a mission to support founders who, like himself, believe in their business’s potential and are determined to see it succeed. 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The Boomerang strategy: This strategy includes leaving a startup job to learn and gain experience elsewhere, to return later to start his own successful business.
  • Building and Engaging a Successful Community: Eric Harrison’s community set up a successful referral. Trust was built when he referred a client to another member. 
  • Nature versus nurture: Eric debates whether entrepreneurial success is due to inherent traits or external experiences, stressing confidence-building, celebrating wins, and following community guidelines for growth.
  • Relationship Building: it refers to entrepreneurs establishing and nurturing connections with clients and advisors. Eric Harrison emphasizes founders taking the lead in sales and highlights the benefits of having a team of advisors for business growth.

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