Season 7,

7.24 – Rick Girard – Intertru and Stride Search

June 15, 2023

In this episode of Rising Tide Startups, Kevin Prewett interviews Rick Girard, founder of Intertru and Stride Search. They discuss the importance of hiring the right people for startup roles and the need for a structured hiring process. Girard shares insights on hiring for personality traits and emphasizes the significance of eliminating biases from interviews. They also touch on the importance of planning, structure, and emotional connection in building successful startups. Tune in for valuable insights into entrepreneurship.

A few highlights:

  • Three Types of People in a Successful Startup Team: Successful startup teams comprise three types of people: builders, approvers, and maintainers. Builders are creative initiators, approvers enhance ideas, and maintainers ensure smooth operations, although they may not be ideal for startups.
  • Two Types of Founders: Founders can be categorized as either visionaries or integrators. Visionaries excel at launching ventures but struggle with day-to-day operations, while integrators turn visions into reality by managing daily business activities.
  • Build a Successful Startup Team: identify the specific type of person needed, whether it’s a builder, approver, visionary, or integrator. Implement a strong hiring process to find the right fit for each role. Rick Girard recommends using a skills matrix, mapping out the required skills and abilities for each role, as a valuable tool in the hiring process.

Listen to the full conversation here:

Catch up with Rick Girard here:

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