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All Boats Rise in a Rising Tide!

Rising Tide Startups, a growing and skilled Startup Services Agency,  was launched in January 2018 and is much more than just a podcast. After a deep dive and much introspection, RTS has extensively niched down to our three primary services based on our core competencies.  If one or more of these three pillars resonates with where you are or want to be, contact us to see if we can help.










The crazy creative behind this podcast is Kevin Prewett.  Kevin and his family lived abroad for nearly 15 years – in England, France and the Middle East.  He is both a certified Life Coach and certified International Business Consultant (having worked for and consulted with International For Profit and Non-profit businesses for many years).  Kevin is happily married to Susan, has four children (three daughters and one son)  and three incredible grandchildren.  Life is good!

If you want to know more about our coaching or consulting services, please contact us here.

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