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Rising Tide Startups


Rising Tide Startups is a brand new interview podcast, launching January 1, 2018, focusing on two specific things:

1.  Giving a platform to help promote startups, solopreneurs and side hustlers ; and

2.  Encouraging the listening audience to give online feedback advice related to the biggest obstacles or pain points the side business owner raised during the podcast.

(This second feature is loosely based on the concept in the new CBS TV Show – “Wisdom of the Crowd.”   The basic premise is crowd-sourced feedback identifying specific trends due to the most popular user-provided answers.  Our podcast is attempting to do the same.  And this listener feedback will then be summarized into a Business Strategy Report for the guest within a week of their podcast interview going live.)

If you would like to be a guest on the show or know someone you think would be a great guest to interview, please fill out the form under the “Guest Request” tab.

The crazy creative behind this podcast is named Kevin Prewett.  Kevin and his family have lived in 4 countries, on three continents.  He is a certified life coach and a certified International business consultant.  If you want to know more about coaching or consulting services, please contact us here. Kevin also is happily married to Susan, has four children and two lovely granddaughters.  Life is good!

Just as a side note, Kevin is also an author  – Buy His Book (click on the image)

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Rising Tide Startups
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