Season 7,

7.25 – Brent Bowers – The Land Sharks

June 22, 2023

Welcome to another episode of Rising Tide Startups. Join Kevin Prewett as he chats with Brent Bowers, a former U.S. Army Officer turned successful land investor and entrepreneur. Bowers has taught over 300 students about land investing, and shares valuable tips on getting started, emphasizing the importance of taking small daily actions and effectively managing their time. Discover the transformative potential of Bowers’ coaching community, The Land Sharks, and how it can help you achieve success in real estate, particularly in the lucrative field of land investment. 

A few highlights:

    • Fast-track Your Real Estate Journey: Brent Bowers shares expert advice through his podcast, The Land Sharks, to help you quickly enter the world of real estate investing.
    • Small Steps, Big Results: Learn the power of taking small, consistent actions from Brent. Start by targeting high-demand areas and sending personalized letters to landowners. These small efforts can lead to great deals and a thriving investment portfolio.
    • The Land Sharks Community: Join the exclusive Landsharks community, designed for those serious about changing their lives through real estate investing. With limited membership, Brent provides personalized guidance and support.
  • Freedom in Your Lifestyle: Real estate investing offers the potential for lifestyle freedom. Through right mindset and strategies, you can build a passive income stream that allows you to spend more time with family, travel, and pursue your passions. 

Listen to the full conversation here:


Catch up with Brent Bowers here:

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