Season 7,

7.19 – Christina Hawatmeh – Scopio

May 12, 2023

Excited for another great episode of the Rising Tide Startups Podcast featuring a very special guest, Christina Hawatmeh.  Christina is the founder and CEO of Scopio, a worldwide platform that links creatives with individuals and businesses seeking genuine and impactful visuals for their projects. During the podcast, Christina will reveal the fascinating backstory behind Scopio’s name and the purpose behind it, and engage in a critical conversation about product builders’ responsibility and the significance of comprehending the impact of the platforms they construct. Prepare to be motivated and enlightened by this visionary entrepreneur’s insights. Don’t miss this!


A few highlights:

  • Scopio’s Origins: Learn how the company’s name changed from Prostetify to Scopio, which means “Scope it out,” and how it reflects the mission to preserve imagery for future generations. Discover how Scopio aims to be a force for social change through its commitment to preserving and promoting diverse visual content.
  • How Scopio Works: Find out how Scopio operates as a two-sided marketplace that connects artists with buyers from around the world. Discover how the company earns revenue by taking a commission on every sale and how it manages to overcome the challenge of unpredictable demand by growing its library of images.
  • The Impact of Scopio: Discover the ways in which Scopio is making a difference by providing a platform for artists to showcase and sell their work, preserving imagery for future generations, and supporting social change by promoting diverse and authentic visual content.


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