Season 7,

7.28 – Steve Marcinuk – Intelligent Relations

July 13, 2023

Get ready for another episode of Rising Tide Startups, hosted by Kevin Prewett. This time, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Steve Marcinuk, an AI Entrepreneur and seasoned founder who courageously pursued his dreams in South America, leaving behind the conventional post-Ivy grind. We  explore the untapped potential of entrepreneurs and the game-changing capabilities of AI. We also discussed the importance of putting plans into action rather than just having ideas, the resilience and preparedness required for building a successful business and uncovering the innate qualities that make entrepreneurs thrive. Grab some coffee while we dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship and the transformative power of AI.

A few highlights:

    • The drive gene: this motivates entrepreneurs to keep going, exploring, and pushing boundaries. Planning is key to success, and that ideas are cheap but execution is everything.
    • Preparedness is Key: take preparedness seriously and be ready for whatever comes your way. Even if you’re not the smartest person in the room, you can still be the most prepared.
  • Resilience and Pivoting:  entrepreneurs should not take failure as a sign of defeat, but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow. Keep trying, construct tests, and to collect data and feedback.
  • Intelligent Relations: a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes PR through technology, empowering leaders and brands to effortlessly generate media coverage.


Listen to the full conversation here:


Catch up with Steve Marcinuk here:


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If you enjoyed the show, make sure to follow, subscribe and please leave us a 5-star rating.


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