Season 7,

7.37 – Aviv Ben-Yosef – Impact Consultant

November 09, 2023

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Rising Tide Startups Podcast, featuring Aviv Ben-Yosef, an R&D Impact Expert with a knack for helping tech companies triple their Impact-per-Engineer, even in as little as 90 days. He’s a tech executive turned consultant, who possesses an extraordinary talent for leading successful teams.

Aviv’s unique journey started from being a coding prodigy to being a coach and advisor to high-impact tech leaders. Today, he leverages this experience to guide tech executives on their path to building highly- effective teams. This expertise has earned him a spot in the Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame. Aviv’s approach to leadership emphasizes the value of listening and observing, setting the stage for innovative solutions in the tech world.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Less is more: Effective listening and observation are key to his leadership approach. He values writing less code to achieve greater results in his coding philosophy.
  • Instant Gratification: Aviv encourages his team to focus on results over the number of hours worked. Engineers can develop what he calls “superpowers,” which are unique skills or abilities that have a positive impact on the entire company.
  • The role of constraints in promoting creativity: limitations can encourage team members to think more creatively and find innovative solutions to challenges. 
  • Work and Appreciation: Encouraging teams to set aside time to work on projects beyond their job responsibilities, fosters a culture of productivity. 

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