Season 7,

7.35 – Shanif Dhanani – Locusive

October 04, 2023

In the ever-changing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it can be tough to keep up with the latest tech and figure out how to use it for your business. In this episode of the Rising Tide Startups podcast, hosted by Kevin Prewett, we chat with the brilliant Shanif Dhanani, founder of Locusive, a company that bridges the gap between data and AI. Shanif shares his journey and gives valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Shanif’s journey from software to data science and now the forefront of AI showcases a unique perspective that simplifies AI to its core – math uncovering patterns. His wisdom on entrepreneurship, his vision, risk tolerance, optimism, and ability to see the bigger picture, provides valuable lessons for aspiring business leaders. He encourages us to embrace AI and use it to its fullest potential as it has the potential to transform industries and societies.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • The Intersection of AI and Data – AI is a mathematical tool for pattern recognition that requires ample data. Locustive uses data to empower businesses with AI-driven products and consulting services.
  • Fall in love with the problem – Find the problem first, figure out how to best solve it, and then apply whatever technology you need to solve that problem. 
  • Passion and Focus – The idea of “failing forward” can be a useful tool to help entrepreneurs push through difficult times. Passion and focus are keys for entrepreneurs to succeed.
  • AI is basically a branch of computer science – AI will not take over the world. AI is just math that requires regulation and rules of decency. It will not take over the world.

In Conclusion:

The path from data science to AI can be challenging, but a clear vision, resilience, and a grasp of the bigger picture can lead to transformative change.

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