Season 7,

7.30 – Luke Charlton –

July 27, 2023

Welcome to another exciting episode of Rising Tide Startups, where host Kevin Prewett sits down with Luke Charlton.  Luke is the founder of, a platform dedicated to helping coaches turn advertising into high-paying clients. He shares his inspiring journey from leaving his full-time job in Australia to finding success with Facebook ads. Through his experiences, he highlights the importance of persistence and learning from other successful entrepreneurs. Luke also provides valuable insights on entrepreneurship and business strategies, and unveils the essential steps for effective business leadership.

A few highlights:

      Take the Leap: Luke made a bold decision, transitioning from an IT analyst to an entrepreneur, launching his own agency. Taking the leap proved to be a worthwhile journey filled with challenges and opportunities.

      Accelerate Success: Rather than trying to learn everything on your own, observe how successful businesses are run.

      Freedom: For Luke, leaving his 9-5 job was liberating, a feeling of breaking free from constraints. With newfound freedom, he was ready to start his journey as an entrepreneur.

      The Three Key Lessons: Luke emphasizes setting clear expectations, having a process for everything, and hiring for attitude. These principles have been instrumental in his entrepreneurial success.


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