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8.10 – Michael Tidwell – Business Broker

June 10, 2024

Can you build your dream home with virtual assistance? In this episode of Rising Tide Startups, Michael Tidwell joins us to share his journey.


Join host Kevin Prewett as he explores how Michael Tidwell built his dream home, grew his family, and expanded his business empire—all with the help of virtual assistants. Michael’s story and his decade-long partnership with a VA show how trust and clear communication can turn remote relationships into pillars of success. 


Michael Tidwell is a business owner who comes from a family of entrepreneurs. In 2012, he started his business with less than $500 in a competitive market, offering only one high-end product. He still owns that business today, utilizing VAs to help him create a lifestyle business. He is also a business broker with Nashville Business Brokers, where he helps business owners sell their businesses by using the same timeless principles he used to build his business. He was able to differentiate himself from his many competitors by offering stellar support and providing his clients with the expertise to make an informed purchase. He applies those same timeless principles and his marketing, research, and problem-solving skills when partnering with a business owner to sell their business.


Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:


  • Entrepreneurs should be clear about their motivation or ‘why’ to stay driven through challenges. A personal ‘why’ can provide the determination needed during the tough initial stages of business development.
  • Trusting and delegating tasks to virtual assistants are key for business growth. This can also enhance the long-term success and scalability of businesses with remote teams.
  • Using specialized firms for hiring virtual assistants can save time and resources. This approach allows for a targeted selection of virtual assistants who can meet specific business needs more efficiently.
  • Avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’ for serial entrepreneurs refers to staying focused on current projects and resisting the temptation to pursue new opportunities that can distract from established goals and lead to a lack of follow-through on existing ventures
  • Setting clear expectations and closely monitoring work are crucial lessons. More involvement and clearer goal-setting for virtual assistants can lead to better results.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant with the right skill set can significantly boost a business. The right virtual assistant can not only execute tasks but also offer valuable insights and improvements to the business.
  • Beginners in using virtual assistants should start by outsourcing a single process and setting a clear budget. This method prevents overwhelm and allows for a gradual and effective integration of virtual assistants into the business.


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