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8.06 – Taylor Black – Fizzy Ventures

March 21, 2024

In this episode of The Rising Tide Startups, we chat with Taylor Black, a dynamic entrepreneur whose roots trace back to high school ventures and now extend into the innovative ecosystem of Microsoft’s venture studio. Taylor’s narrative is woven from his formative years launching a B2B SaaS enterprise during his legal studies, to his strategic role in shepherding early-stage companies towards market success such as Conduit Venture Labs and Fizzy Ventures. Whether he’s sharing the nuts and bolts of product development or recounting the strategic pivot of, an AI platform, Taylor’s story is a masterclass in business acumen and adaptability.


Taylor Black is a Seattle-based entrepreneur and intrapreneur with an impressive tech industry track record. He currently works in Microsoft’s internal Venture Studio. He  also mentors startups through Fizzy Ventures, and founded, an AI platform designed to support user researchers.


Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:


  • The Intrapreneurial Edge is the use of entrepreneurial skills to promote change, new initiatives, and innovation within a corporation.
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investing Insights are essential for entrepreneurs and startups to understand the workings of financing startups and fast-growing businesses by providing knowledge on investment mechanics, capital accessibility, networking prospects, market validation, and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Angel investing is no longer just for the wealthy. Sweat equity and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) allow smaller investors to participate. Online platforms and crowdfunding democratize venture capital and broaden access to investment opportunities. This fosters a more inclusive investment landscape.
  • Three things serve as critical factors in assessing a startup’s potential:
    • The Team: Passionate and committed individuals who strongly desire to put energy into their venture.
    • The Problem: A deep understanding of a significant, meaty problem that the team is in love with, rather than being fascinated with their solution.
    • The Solution: The team must have the capability to build a viable solution to the problem they’ve identified. They should have a conceptual understanding and practical know-how or a clear path to developing a solution that addresses the problem effectively.

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