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8.05 – Mike Abramowitz – Better Than Rich

March 07, 2024

Ever feel caught in a race against time as work consumes every precious moment? Mike Abramowitz, a seasoned expert in time management for high-earners, joins our host, Kevin Prewett in this episode of The Rising Tide Startups to address this struggle, unveiling strategies honed through personal experiences. From humble beginnings at Cutco to enduring financial setbacks post-college, Mike’s narrative is one of resilience and transformation. 

Mike Abramowitz is a #1 Amazon bestselling author,  impactful philanthropist achieving six figures in earnings, and a partner with “Better Than Rich.” Mike’s passion lies in uplifting others, guiding entrepreneurs to maximize efficiency, and embracing purpose-driven business through programs like ‘Operator to Owner.’ Co-host of “The Better Than Rich Show” podcast, he imparts valuable business insights, encouraging listeners to make a positive impact.

Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:

  • The “Time Rich Six” strategy helps leaders prioritize high-impact tasks through practical advice on boundaries, communication, systems, playbooks, team management, and technology for ultimate time freedom.
    • Establishing Boundaries: This involves setting specific limitations on time and availability, enabling individuals to prioritize their work and minimize disruptions
    • Communication Guidelines: Implementing rules or systems for communication can streamline interactions, ensuring concise messages are exchanged at appropriate times.
    • Creating Systems: setting defined processes to help automate or make business operations more efficient, reducing the need for constant hands-on management.
    • Developing Playbooks: Playbooks are standardized procedures that provide a reference for tasks
    • Team Management: This involves strategies for effectively leading and organizing a team for independent work, contributing to overall time efficiency
    • Utilizing Technology: Emphasizing technology, including AI, to automate tasks, manage schedules, and facilitate operations, helping to free up time that can be invested in more valuable activities.
  • The four pillars of business are as follows:
    • Attraction involves attracting potential customers to a business by increasing awareness of its offerings and highlighting its superiority. 
    • Conversion involves transforming potential customers into actual customers by persuading them to take a desired action.
    • Onboarding involves introducing new customers to a business’s offerings and ensuring they feel valued.
    • Retention involves fostering long-term customer relationships by providing value, great service, and meeting expectations. Strategies include loyalty programs, communication, personalized offers, and product/service improvements.
  • Time management is a skill that can be mastered, and with the right guidance, anyone can craft a life of intention and efficiency.

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