Season 7,

7.33 – Andreas Flodström – Beetroot

September 08, 2023

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Rising Tide Startups.. Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Andreas Flodström, the Founder and CEO of Beetroot, a tech consulting and academy enterprise based in Ukraine. Andreas shares his experience building Beetroot and how the company has not only survived, but thrived, despite the challenges they’ve faced. He also talks about Beetroot’s commitment to impact-oriented ventures, software development, and helping those affected by war.

Join us as we gain insights into Andreas’ startup expertise.

A few highlights: 

  • The Impact: Andreas aimed to create a positive social impact by starting Beetroot in Ukraine. The business was launched with a student scholarship and an old Soviet car.
  • The Diversity: Beetroot assists impact-oriented companies from 25 countries with software development. It also aids individuals in building successful careers in the tech industry.
  • The Keys to Success: Having a clear mission and building a culture around it is essential for success. Additionally, finding key leaders in the team who are dedicated to the mission is also important.

In summary – A clear mission, resilient culture, and dedicated team members are essential drivers of success in business, particularly in the face of challenges.

Listen to the full conversation here:


Catch up with Andreas Flodstrom here:


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