Season 7,

7.32 – Marin Smiljanic – OnmiSearch

August 24, 2023

Welcome to Rising Tide Startups where our host, Kevin Prewett, interviews Marin Smiljanic, CEO of OmniSearch. Marin shares his journey as an entrepreneur and the potential of Eastern European countries in tech. With extensive experience in startups and industry giants like Amazon, Marin brings wisdom to this episode.

He emphasizes the importance of aligning founders with their products, managing expectations, and having a passion for problem-solving. Omni Search, a cutting-edge search company, has seen growth in online education and media. Marin encourages considering startups as a viable career path and embracing the possibility of failure. 

Join us for insights into Marin’s startup experiences and expertise.


A few highlights: 

    • Founder market fit: Create something that resonates with your target audience. Your product should be something that you, as the founder, have a personal connection to emotionally and possess the skills and experience related to it.
    • OmniSearch: the search engine of tomorrow, has seen growth in online education and media, helping users find various content types effectively.
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: Focus on solving a problem, have a strong passion for your work, find a “founder market fit,” take risks, and manage your expectations. These key factors can help you succeed in your business venture.

Listen to the full conversation here:


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