Season 7,

7.27 – Scott McCrady – SolCyber

July 05, 2023

Join us on another episode of The Rising Tide Startups as we interview Scott McCrady, a seasoned international executive with a proven track record in sales, business development, and operations. Scott shares his fascinating journey from engineer to business owner As CEO of SolCyber, Scott is revolutionizing the security industry by providing accessible and affordable global Fortune 500-level cybersecurity solutions. Tune in as Scott shares his invaluable perspectives on effective leadership, the power of teamwork, and the remarkable benefits SolCyber offers, including discounted cyber insurance policies.

A few highlights:

  • Take the Leap: Scott emphasizes that taking on a leadership role doesn’t mean you have to give up the work you love. Don’t be afraid to try, especially if you got good capabilities. Don’t be afraid to learn.
  • SolCyber: is a revolutionary cybersecurity program model that offers widespread availability, simplicity, and combines a dedicated team with advanced intelligence.
  • Three key lessons: First, be maniacally focused on building something that companies will spend money on. Secondly, have a consistent way of thinking. This will lead to consistent results. Finally, hire for potential. You can’t train a bad person to be a good person, so hire people who are good people and have the potential to do the work.


Listen to the full conversation here:


Catch up with Scott McCrady here:


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