Season 7,

7.23 – Kristina Clifford and Shelby Dash – Take2Content

June 08, 2023

Join us on another episode Rising Tide Startups as we sits down with the dynamic duo behind Take2Content, Kristina Clifford and Shelby Dash. Take2Content is a premier boutique production company that specializes in creating comedic branded video content and ads. During the episode, Kristina and Shelby take us on a thrilling ride through their entrepreneurial journey, from humble beginnings to the establishment of their LLC and operating agreement. With a strong emphasis on infusing humor into their work, Kristina and Shelby share their deep-rooted passion for creating content that stands out in the industry.

A few highlights:

  • Accidental Entrepreneurs: In a fascinating turn of events, Kristina and Shelby found themselves inadvertently embarking on the path of entrepreneurship after losing their day jobs amid the pandemic. This unexpected twist of fate ultimately led to the establishment of Take2Content, their brainchild and passion project.
  • Successful Partnership: At the core of Take2Content’s success lies the unwavering trust and open communication between Kristina and Shelby. Addressing imbalances in their workload and resolving issues promptly has strengthened their collaboration.
  • Learning as they go: From the early stages to establishing their LLC and operating agreement, Kristina and Shelby embrace growth and continuous improvement in their business journey. 

Listen to the full conversation here:


Catch up with Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford here:

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