Season 4,

4.2 – Louise Watts – Transition Hub

March 29, 2020

Our special guest today is Louise Watts.  Louise is a leading High Performance Coaching to international success as a founder and director for over 15 years, Louise is well known for her guidance on executive presence and personal impact, having built a global client base with brands such as Citi, BAML, SAP, PWC and BNP Paribas.  Advising organisations on ambitious personal development initiatives, Louise has seen the power of presence, confidence and connection, as a way of positively impacting employee engagement and enhancing the client experience. A progressive thinker, highly attuned to the future of work from a human perspective, Louise launched Transition Hub in 2018 to provide a path to the future for the vast majority of people who will find themselves in transition from old ways of working to new. Transition Hub offers the chance to re-energise, reimagine and enhance the decision making skills needed to thrive in the future of work.

Bringing together the best coaches and facilitators to work collectively, Transition Hub builds on the successful model of High Performance Coaching. There has never been a more important time to make learning accessible, personable and enjoyable, which happens naturally, when you bring cohorts of people together to experience a guided week of development. Transition Hub creates the opportunity to spark new ideas, build new networks and develop the confidence to go forward. Nothing less is going to satisfy the need for a transformational experience, to transition today’s workers into tomorrow’s jobs.

Prior to founding HPC and Transition Hub, Louise had a professional ballet career, and brings her deep understanding of presence and impact through her coaching and entrepreneurial leadership.

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