Season 4,

4.14 – Matt Johns – Strategic Leadership and Development Coaching

June 22, 2020

Our special guest on Rising Tide Startups Podcast is Matt Johns, founder of .  Matt is incredibly passionate about deliberately designed experiences – for both customers and employees, placing significant value in understanding how people are feeling and thinking before designing targeted solutions. He believes the experience a brand creates for its customers should be viewed as a strategic decision to develop competitive advantage and win in the market – not to play catch up or simply participate.

To achieve this, Matt has developed a unique methodology incorporating ethnography as a way to understand people and their unique behaviours. This approach draws on his wider experience, including as an intelligence operative in the UK police to understand how emotions and motivations impact individual behaviour. With this insight, targeted learning solutions are able to be developed to build the skills and capabilities required to transform experiences.

Matt has extensive experience working with leadership groups throughout the Asia Pacific Region and beyond, guiding and advising Executives and Boards to bring clarity to their strategy; defining winning aspirations, and making clear choices on where to play and how to win.

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