Why You Need A Coach

August 25, 2018

I love sports.  No, I REALLY love sports.  And I don’t know why some people do, and some people don’t.  Doesn’t make sense to me.  It seems so natural to me to support certain sports teams and loathe others.  I can probably tell you why I support each of my favorites in different sports.

Recently, I asked my Octogenarian father what he thought I would be when I grew up.  I cannot remember ever asking him that question before.  Without hesitation he said,  “a coach!”  Well, here I am.  I finally became what he thought I would become… not coaching sports, but coaching life.   This recent call as a life coach was born out of the crucible of testing, trying, succeeding and failing at so many things – but ALWAYS pressing forward.

Here is a quote from, in my opinion, the greatest football coach of all time.  But he was much more than just a football coach.  He was a also life coach extraordinaire – always talking about football and life interchangeably.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. — Tom Landry

There are many other examples of sports coaches that were also tremendous life coaches as well. John Wooden and Dean Smith are two that quickly come to mind.  These coaches taught so much more that just sports.  They taught those under them what it meant to have character, discipline and perseverance.  And their teams soared.

But the one common factor in all this is the presence of a superb coach.  There are many good coaches out there to choose from.  Just choose one that fits these 4 categories:

  1.  Your personalities gel together well;
  2. The coach has enough life experience to have overcome difficulties and is still standing;
  3. Their pricing is within your budget and will not force you to overextend; and
  4. You are in a place where you will be disciplined enough to stay the course and do what you need to do to follow the program.

So press on my friends.   Choose a coach, course and stay true to that path.  Let your education, coaching sessions and life experiences build character, teach you discipline and drive you to persevere.  You can do it!

And while you are at it… “Carpe the Diem” out of life along the way.

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