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50 – Amanda Whitcroft – CEO and Founder of Panda PR and Marketing

December 10, 2018

From actor, to moving behind the camera, to starting and running a highly successful PR and Marketing firm, Amanda Whitcroft is our guest today on Rising Tide Startups. Listen to this episode to learn the three top tips of branding yourself and your startup, from Amanda Whitcroft, CEO and Founder of Panda PR and Marketing –

Amanda’s MicroClass about Branding and Marketing Yourself and Your Business:

  1. Be OCD about editing.  (spelling, grammar, names, etc)
  2. Display emotional intelligence and social awareness
  3. Personal always beats impersonal – make personal connections!  Network!  Be available!!

Final word of advice from Amanda – “Don’t pidgeon-hole yourself too early!  Explore, experiment… find your why!”

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