Season 1,

49 – Phil Graham – Digital Marketing, SEO and Facebook Ads Expert

December 03, 2018

In this episode, Phil Graham, founder and CEO of Phil Graham Digital gives us a Master Class in Digital Marketing… and shares his path to success through trials, perseverance and lifelong learning!

Phil’s Micro MasterClass – “Mindset Over Tactics!”

  1. Paid advertising (Fb/IG) is scalable and “attracts, not chases!”
  2. Treat Fb as a “dinner party!”
  3. Lead with value, “before the ask!”

Other Value Bombs from Phil:

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 things to improve on continuously…not more than 2.
  2. Go hard on video ads.
  3. Retarget like a beast!
  4. Truly care about your clients!!!

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