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8.04 – Brittany Brewer – FreeUp

February 22, 2024

Join us on Rising Tide Startups as we welcome Brittany Brewer, Senior Account Executive at FreeUp Marketplace, for a candid discussion about her transition from a freelancer to a pivotal role in a freelancer hiring platform. Brittany shares her unique perspective on navigating the complexities of matching clients with top-tier freelancers to ensure businesses overcome their challenges through strategic hiring. 

She also shares FreeUp’s unique approach to building a global community of virtual service providers. They explore the balance between integrity and autonomy, where freelancers set fair rates and clients find scalable solutions.

Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:

    • FreeUp Marketplace is a curated community that simplifies the process of hiring freelancers. It connects clients with freelancers and agencies from diverse industries.
    • Quality Over Quantity: FreeUp is a platform that accepts only the top 1% of freelancers through a rigorous vetting process. Unlike larger platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, FreeUp emphasizes quality over quantity. They foster a higher caliber of talent and a community-focused approach that values freelancers, aiming to create a more personalized, concierge-like service for clients. 
    • Pricing Practices and Scalability: A Balanced Approach: the approach is centered on transparency, fairness, and flexibility for both freelancers and clients. 
  • How to handle the Pricing aspects:
      • Freelancer Autonomy: FreeUp freelancers set their own rates based on their skills, experience, and market demand.
      • Pricing Guidance: FreeUp provides estimated pricing for different skill sets on their pricing page, helping freelancers align their rates with the platform’s expectations and clients’ budgets.
      • Client Budget Preferences: Clients can set their budgets for job requests. FreeUp matches them with freelancers at that rate.
      • Entry-Level to Expert-Level Services: The platform offers entry-level and expert-level services for freelancers, allowing clients to choose based on task complexity and budget constraints
      • Flat Fee Structure: FreeUp maintains a straightforward fee structure, charging a flat 20% fee with a $2 minimum per payment to freelancers. This means if a job is priced at $10 an hour, $2 goes to FreeUp, and $8 goes to the freelancer.
  • How to handle the Scaling aspects:
    • Process Organization: Organizing and documenting processes helps scale with freelancers, as it ensures they understand tasks and work efficiently.
    • Emphasizing Human Relationships: FreeUp assists clients in scaling by nurturing human connections and forming strong partnerships. Long-term freelancer relationships lead to growth opportunities.
    • Use of International Talent: FreeUp enables businesses to scale using international talent, providing access to a wide range of skills and efficient cost management.
    • Community-Focused Approach: FreeUp fosters a community that respects freelancers, attracting high-caliber talent that supports scalable client services.

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