Season 6,

6.43 – Antonio Nieves – FunBox

November 14, 2022
Antonio Nieves came up with this crazy idea to build an Instagram worthy museum for kids. At the time, there were successful pop-up photo ops museums including Ice Cream Museum, 29rooms, Color Factory and Happy Place however none were focused on kids. Antonio put up his entire savings, created the idea, flew to China to attend the Canton Fair and convinced his old boss to put up the rest of the funds necessary. Over the last 4 years, the business has hosted over 400,000 customers, generated $8 million in revenue, and now has evolved into the World’s Biggest Bounce Park featuring 25,000 square feet of fantasy land for kids & adults. Next year, FunBox is projected to have 7 parks hosting half a million customers and over $10 million in systemwide revenue.
Antonio got his inspiration for the child-like designs from his 9 younger siblings, who have been through the foster care system throughout their childhood. Therefore, all FunBox locations will support small, localized, community charity that advocates and supports children in foster care. In 2020, during the peak of covid, Antonio and his partner
Carmen Juarez welcome their daughter Elie Nieves.
Antonio’s website –
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