Season 6,

6.25 – Danile Moss and Michelle Garrison – We & Goliath

June 30, 2022

We & Goliath, a full-service virtual event company that specializes in achieving optimal results for global enterprises and SMBs, even when their clients feel they’re facing giant challenges. Hence their slogan: We’ve got your slingshot. Unlike most event companies, they’ve been digital-first since way before the pandemic. Their co-founders, Michelle and Daniel each have over 20 years experience in event production, design and digital marketing. Michelle is a successful entrepreneur, digital strategist, and creative director, specializing in building companies and campaigns with an emphasis on sustainability and community-building. Daniel has designed virtual events, websites, and marketing campaigns supported by lead-nurturing automation and conversion rate optimization since 1999. He’s led and trained agency and nonprofit teams as well as workshop facilitators.

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