Season 6,

6.03 – Scott Danner – Freedom Street Partners

January 17, 2022

It’s early 2022 but the guest list is already heating up!

Scott Danner is the CEO of Freedom Street Partners, a practice that supports financial advisors in their next career step and helps them explore all available paths to secure a fulfilling future. After fifteen years practicing on an employee platform, Scott founded Freedom Street and took it from $0 to $2 billion in assets under management in just five years. Scott is the co-founder of the Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival and enjoys traveling the country with his wife to watch their two sons play soccer.
Scott lives for learning and he thrives on relationships. Connections are crucial and he is willing to talk about anything! Scott loves to explore in a conversation by being an adventurous conversationalist all while learning from each other. He has a passion to change the world, making it a better place with the mentality of being better together.
1+1 can equal 10x’s with the right 1’s.
Scott’s website –
Scott’s book – Amazon link

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