Season 5,

5.36 – Anthony Blatner – SpeedWork Social

September 06, 2021

Our special guest on Rising Tide Startups is Anthony Blatner.  Anthony is the founder of Speedwork Social, a top LinkedIn Advertising agency. As a previous tech founder and ex-IBMer, he has seen a lot of companies have explosive growth with good technology and good marketing, while others (even though they had a great product or service) fail without effective marketing. In 2016, he started Speedwork to help those companies unlock their B2B marketing potential. By blending his experience in marketing and software, Anthony is able to help businesses reach high-level decision makers at scale using LinkedIn Ads and technology.

It’s safe to say that Anthony is one of the top LinkedIn ads experts in the industry, having managed millions in ad spend and generating over 100,000 new sales opportunities.
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