Season 5,

5.23 – Mads Friis – Growth Island

June 06, 2021

Our special guest on Rising Tide Startups is Mads Friis.  Mads is the founder of the Growth Island is a podcast on health, performance, business and life’s bigger mysteries, covering more than 70 episodes with global experts. One of his biggest passions is building health-related impact ventures and during the past years, he has co-built 3 successful startups with KRING. With his background in management consulting experience from Deloitte and his own experience from startups, Mads started actively training startups and worked with +150 global teams. Playing sports at a high level and discovering many studies on personal growth and performance led Mads into a continuous research journey. He found that many resources focus 80% on the problems and only 20% on the solutions. Now he is on the mission to flip this statistic around to help more people.

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