Season 5,

5.04 – Domenic Rinaldi – Sun Acquisitions and K2Adviser

January 24, 2021

Our special guest on Rising Tide Startups is Domenic Rinaldi, CEO of Sun Acquisitions and Founder of K2Adviser.  A little story about Domenic: 17 years ago, he was in transition and deciding what to do next. He decided that business ownership was in his heart. So, he went out in the market to buy a business AND bought Sun Acquisitions a firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs buy and sell businesses.  After helping thousands of entrepreneurs over 17 years, he consistently sees how people fail to properly prepare for their business acquisition which results in missed Returns and increased Risks. To help entrepreneurs address these blindspots, he founded K2Adviser which is focused on helping entrepreneurs be fully prepared for their acquisitions. Now, he is considered an industry-recognized expert who frequently shares his knowledge from the stage, in print and over the airwaves –including as host of the popular M&A Unplugged podcast.

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