Season 4,

4.33 – Greg Salles – RestartUs

November 30, 2020

Our special guest on Rising Tide Startups is the Greg Salles.  As a well-rounded awarded leader and techpreneur with 18+ years of experience, Greg has conducted scale-up activities across multiple business areas. He has dedicated his career to designing solutions that leverage innovative disruptive technologies and private markets to maximize impact.  Moreover, he is a fierce advocate for social impact and blockchain-based solutions across inclusive economy and education pathways.

Greg is described as a futurist, creative, execution-driven, quick thinker, passionate, communicator and loyal. He specializes in identifying and engaging solutions through, artificial intelligence, AR, and human-centered strategy to convert opportunities into a future-fit innovation.

He is also the founder or Restartus – a new place on the internet that provides employment and learning opportunities for all.

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