Season 3,

3.29 – Evan Kubicek – Coach K and Founder of Spike Shot

November 16, 2020

We have a return guest on Rising Tide… one of our earliest guests.  Evan Kubicek, aka Coach K, aka serial entrepreneur, international business coach and now founder of the app, Spike Shot. Listen to hear the real story and mission behind Spike Shot.  Then go download the app!!

Evan loves helping people, businesses, & communities become something greater.  At Eastern Illinois University he passes along strategies, processes and ideas that drive transformation in his students, their companies and their communities. As a business & life coach he gets to help clients rediscover who they are, where they can best apply their talents & experiences, and develop a plan of action to reach the next level of their calling. As a social entrepreneur, he creates unique solutions to impossible problems.

His passion for business and entrepreneurial development has taken him through several professions: retail, education, humanitarian aid, international technology startup and consulting in more countries than he can count.

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