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3.25 – Laura Bell Greeno – Believer, Entrepreneur and 5.5x Tech Founder

June 18, 2020
Laura Bell Greeno is a marketing strategist, startup coach and creative planner at WEBSCOUT. She helps startups grow and scale. She also mentors marketers into the next level of their careers and trains digital agencies through growing pains and efficient operational scaling: people, process, sales, integration and martech.
Laura recently sold Ecomdash, her ecommerce SaaS startup, for $9.6 million in an early exit.
Featured in American City Business Journals, Inc. Magazine, eRetailing, Web Marketing, NC Business, etc. as an expert in tech startups, digital marketing for small business, ecommerce tools and trends, social selling, organic search marketing and attraction marketing.
Laura’s next big thing is the development of software automation tools capable of replacing her creative and intellectual value in the field. Imagine a completely analytical mind that also has true original creativity and the ability to predict human buying behavior. This super-human marketing mind is a big data and artificial intelligence endeavor.
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